Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Successful Start to Shopping and Supping

We had a very productive first shopping spree in Tashiyangtse Town. We found a big pot so we can prepare sufficient water for a bucket bath outside of electricity hours, a black blazer to replace the one I left on Thai Airways, a second fluffy blanket because it turns out we don't share well, and the best gel pen Japanese R+D has ever engineered. Everything you desire is here in Tashiyangtse.

Now to begin the buisness of cooking. The first two meals in our home were pretty low key. One was Maggi (Asian Mr. Noodles that pack a lot of heat):

The other consisted of these baked swirls of yum smothered in the peanut butter and Nutella we bought in Thimphu. (Discussion topic for the comments: Is it pronounced Nut-ella or Nu-tella? I believe it is the latter but some BCF'rs assure me I'm wrong.)

Then for supper last night we got fancy. William busted out the rice cooker and when the contents was perfectly fluffy added a pickled mango and veg sauce.

This was the result:  YUMMMMM!

And here's another culinary masterpiece, Rainbow Mushroom Mush:


  1. I always thought it was Nu-tella (or at least that's what I call it!)

    I'm so glad to see you guys are settling in well!!
    All the best!

    <3 xo

  2. My reseach and personal prefenece is Nu-tella, like if you got a new tella. The food looks great. Dad M

  3. I am with you Kendra, it is definately NU TELLA
    the food looks very tasty especially the 'S'
    take care Mom S

  4. Rainbow Mushroom mush...mushrooms, veggies and ?...potatoes? rice? couscous?
    And are the mushrooms local? M &DM

  5. It is most certainly Nu-tella and all that food is making me hungry! >.<! life looks fun there miss you

  6. @M&DM: Rainbow mush is just multicoloured noodles that we let boil too long so they turned to mush, canned mushrooms from India, and Bhutanese ketchup. There won't be much in the way of local produce in T/Y for a while, though fiddleheads are due any day now.

  7. ...straight from the company's website:
    "What is Nutella® spread?
    Nutella® (pronounced "new-tell-uh")"

    The shroom dish looks great...but maybe doesn't sound as good...?

  8. Thanks for posting some culinary adventures. More, please!