Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hike at Daybreak

We walked to Bumdeling at six this morning to watch the world wake up:

The sun rose. On the way up the mountain snow was muted pink. On the way down it glistened white:

We looked down over Yangtse as it stirred from a sleepy town's slumber:

You will remember the covered bridge I cross each day on my way to school. The rounded building is the Karmeling hotel cum bakery where we buy bread:

The collection of red roofs is my school:

One the way home we came across a murder of ravens, the national bird. I thought of Mount Saint Vincent:

We were home by 7:45.


  1. there are no words to describe the beauty of the land thank you for sharing these with us
    you are right ravens equals MSVU
    love Mom B

  2. What a perfect morning activity activity! I love being awake while everyone else is still dreaming.

  3. You are so lucky to have such a woderful, beautiful, nature filled back yard to explore.
    Dad M

  4. Out for a walk and home by 7:45am. Wow!

    You must be learning from your proximity to those monks. Early rising is one of their tenets

    Mom M