Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our New Place: The Virtual Tour

Welcome to our humble abode! It is the centre story of a three story building. The owners live upstairs and operate a ridiculously convenient grocery store downstairs. This picture shows monks entering the store and children organizing an enormous pile of dried fish.

To get to us, take the stairway on the side to the back balcony. This is our door:
Upon entering, this is what you'll see:

On the left is our dining room. Support staff from the school just came by with the lend of the tables and chairs:
To the right is our kitchen. We bought the gas stove and rice cooker in Thimphu. The gas stove is especially important because the town only has electricity in the evenings.

Next come our two count'em TWO bathrooms. This is the larger one which contains the shower. Note the squat toilet, vastly superior to the sit down kind at home. Interesting fact: to keep the house smelling fresh, bathroom windows don't have glass. These, apparently, is how the monkeys sneak in.
And now I am very pleased to present our fabulous master bedroom. It was pretty amazing to wake up this morning to monks chanting a deep, long song accompanied by something like a didgeridoo. The curtains and bedframe came with the room. We brought the matress and bedding from Thimphu. Our mattress was too large for the bedroom so within a couple of hours a cheery pair of carpenters came by and built an extension on the bedframe. We are so well taken care of!
And, finally, here is the room we are currently using as a computer room. As we speak the newest graduates of Bhutan's teacher education programme hired by this dzongkhog (province) are just up the hill being given their assignments. If the chemistry teacher with whom we had dinner last nights gets his druthers and is posted to this town, he will be renting this room.

Well that's it for our home. We love it.


  1. Wow sure is amazing!! Thanks ever so much for the photo's it sounds great. Love Dad M

  2. thank so much for the update looks fantastic
    love Mom B.

  3. Such a simpler way of life! But I should think one could put a wire mesh screen in the bathroom window to let air in but keep monkeys out.
    And with so much less furniture and stuff--housekeeping shouldn't take to long.
    Looks very interesting! Enjoy yourselves! Love, M

  4. Looks great Kendra. Thanks for the tour. You and William have done very well. I recognise that red chair. We have a few just like it.
    V & E

  5. Your little home is adorable. Can't wait to hear about your cooking adventures. :P

  6. Bit late getting to all these posts. Love the bedroom-fit for newlyweds!!! Good to hear that you're settling in so well. How wonderful to wake up to the chanting of monks. Here we wake up with the sound of the alarm clock- it is SO peaceful compared to the constant din of Vancouver. Bought some oranges today (our first) from an old man who had hiked 6 hours into the jungle to reap the very last ones of the season. What an amazing place this is. Cheers, John and Maureen