Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Picture I'll Take A Thousand Times

On the clearest clear days, I can see my favourite mountain from my school. Vote, dear readers, which shot shows it best:


  1. Dad M picks second photo, it shows the contrast best.

  2. The question was "best mountain pic", I therefore chose the 1st one as it shows the majesty of the mountain --it's height highlighted by the clouds.
    But as a puzzle---the second one is perfect.
    Mom M

  3. WOW Kendra, those mountains look AMAZING!!!
    I prefer the third picture because of the green mountain as the focus but with the snow covered mountain in the background to offset the green plus i like the way the buildings are in the picture but only in a simple way.
    Miss you both very much!!!

  4. hiKendra ,
    All 3 are lovely ! Jim would not choose, i like#2 .

    Be safe. Germaine

  5. pic #2 is the winner but all 3 are great
    Mom B

  6. They are all beautiful!

    While my first instinct was to pick #2, I really like how the mountain is framed by the valley in #1... Maybe a shot taken in-between those two would be best? I am intrigued by the building in #3, and would love to see more pictures of it (You know, architectural obsession et al). Is it a monestary?