Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Journey East

The multi-day trip to Eastern Bhutan began with a visit to paradise: Punakha. Despite all apperances to the contrary, this picture has not been Photoshopped:
From Punakha to Wangdue, from Wangdue to frost-glittered Bumthang, from Bumthang to the top of the world. Our trip's zenith was 124000 feet. This is the view from the top:
 From there we proceeded down into the jungle where we saw monkeys. Then came the craziest, scariest drive ever toward Mongar. (Mom, don't even look at the picture!)
Thanks to Dorjii's incredible driving we arrived safely in Mongar where we spent a lovely final night with our fellow BCF'rs. Then, in the morning, we took the last leg of our journey to Home Sweet Trashiyangtse.


  1. It's terrific to see the pictures and know about your travels. That road looks as scary as I imagined it though---I'm so thankful you arrived safely in Trashiyangtse. And you are already calling it sweet home---What an adventure you are on! M & D

  2. Glad to see your latest photos, sure hope your flat is a wonderful home. We are enjoying the photos of your jouneys and adventures. I'm sure that Williams freinds & family would love to see him as well Love Dad M

  3. thanks for sharing your pictures and I am glad to hear you have arrived safely, the roads look pretty scary
    take care
    Love Mom B.

  4. 124000 feet is space? Are you sure? Mount Everst is in the 30000-foot range.

  5. wow!!! what an amazing place, you must have fun exploring all around the area,the pictures are fasinating, and very interisting.I try to follow your blog once a week. you are good at explaining your adventures. Is the weather like our fall? or warmer? you must have a good camera, to take such clear pictures. Lots
    of love MYRTLE