Friday, February 25, 2011

Kanglung Vacation

With the two last days before actual classes started, I took a trip to see Lisa, Scott, and my dear Natalie in Kanglung, Tashigang Dzongkhog. They met me in the bustling metropolis of Tashigang proper, which is a crazy change of pace from Chorten Cora:

From there it is less than an hour to Kanglung, a college town that takes pride in being just adorable. Every archway is a thing of beauty: 

This is a view of the Higher Secondary School where Natalie teaches:

My visit took place a month before St. Patrick's Day and yet was oddly green: 

Natalie took great care of me: she made me cauliflour curry and repaired a tear in my hat: 

Someone in Kanglung has a PET MONKEY:

 Here he is eating Maggi (Indian Mr. Noodle), a mainstay of our diet:

Kanglung is the teetotaling home of Sherubtse College where Scott lectures in biology:

It has a campus of flower-filled courtyards:

On the drive to Kanglung I made an absolute fool of myself by asking Natalie,"So, what's it like? Are there mountains in Kanglung?" I am pleased to report that, yes, like everywhere else in this Himalayan Kingdom, there are mountains in Kanglung.

Scott and Lisa's home is huge and gorgeous and even offers hot showers to weary travellers who haven't felt one in weeks. Check out the columns!

 The few feet between Natalie's and Scott and Lisa's contains a little path that when followed straight up leads to a pray-flagged picnic spot with an amazing view:

Natalie and I did a lot of sunbathing and talking there. (Well, we did a lot of talking everywhere.) It was a supremely relaxing vacation:


  1. Another great narrative! We were surprised that Trashigang was so bustling and Kanglung so pristine-looking!
    And I love the last pic of the feet and the scene. It speaks volumes of your relaxing trip!
    Love, M & D M

  2. Did William go on the trip with you?

  3. great pictures and description, what were the men doing while the ladies were sunbathing and relaxing?
    Love mom B

  4. Hehe, aside from visiting friends, I am not sure I would go away on vacation from Chorten Cora!
    ...But Trashigang and Kanglung look absolutely amazing as well. I guess the whole country is stunning-
    Any chance they need someone to come do an architectural analysis of the place?

  5. Thank you for sharing this, both of you! What a riot to vicariously explore the world through your courageous adventures. What amazing memories you are creating, for everyone.

  6. socks n sandals... tsk tsk

  7. Good One,Must have added up more photos of Sherubtse.