Friday, April 1, 2011

Not Just a Pretty Face

The day before yesterday I went to Trashiyangtse's premiere (et seule)
 beauty salon with two of the other lady teachers:

We had papaya facials!
I thought it would feel weird to have a stranger rub goo on me but it was really okay:

After that, I did the Asian thing and got my eyebrows threaded. It is a very quick process.
It hurts, but no more than plucking or waxing and it does a better job:

I think I looked lovely:

Yesterday, I came home to an inch of water on my kitchen floor. My water supply comes and goes and in the morning I'd turned the tap to check if there was any and, finding none, forgot to turn it back.

Do you know one thing that's harder than scooping up a kitchen swimming pool with a rubber boot? Photographing yourself scooping up a kitchen swimming pool with a rubber boot to appease your blog reading public!

I think the flood was an incredible blessing in disguise. I had been worried that I wouldn't be able to handle living on my own. By the time I finished booting, my floor was dry, my bucket was filled, and my worries were gone, replaced with the conviction that I am a clever, competant problem solver- not just a pretty face.


  1. BRAVO!!! Beautiful clever girl!!! Love, Mom

  2. Haha, a few weeks back one of my Indian classmates came to school consternated. He had asked his barber to thread him, and the hair-care professional had no idea what he was talking about! Neither did I, until he explained it to me. "There are guys here with nice eyebrows; where do they go!?"

  3. You look great, the spa was a wonderful idea
    you are very resourceful, hope you did not have too much water damages
    Love Mom B.

  4. It is great to know you have friends in Bhutan that would care enough to take you out to something special knowing you miss William. Thank you fellow teacher/friends! Mom M

  5. This blog post made my day!! Not only did I giggle at your boot pictures (and descriptions!) but you look fantastic, Kendra! I'm glad that my clever, competant, problem solving, pretty friend is doing so well! :)

  6. So glad you are having such a wonderful time. You look great after the treatment and well done on the clean up of the water. Love Dad M

  7. I'd comment on how beautiful you look but then your faithfull readers might get affended.
    love Sent