Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arrivals from Canada

Yesterday, I received my first mail since I've been in Trashiyangtse (not counting electricity bills). It was a care package from home containing Quaker oatmeal and jumbo chocolate bars! My favourite thing in it / on it, though, was my mom's handwriting:

Later in the day something even better arrived from Canada! Trashiyangtse welcomed the Founder and Chair of the Bhutan Canada Foundation [BCF] Sam Blyth as well as a couple of his friends, his daughter Maddie, her flatmate Mimi, and (the only one of the crew I'd met before) the BCF's logistical whiz Karma. Sam himself is not in this picture, unfortunately, but he was very much here and happy to be:

The evening and morning I spent with the Canadians were wonderful! Our discussions about culture, education, and the upcoming election at home were as delicious as the food we were given at the Karmeling Hotel cum Bakery:

I particularly enjoyed getting to know Maddie and Mimi, shown here soaking wet after our thunder showery circumnavigation of Chorten Cora:

It is pretty amazing to work for a Foundation the heads of which care enough to come all the way to Yangtse to see me. I'm pretty remote here, but visits like this show me I'm remembered.

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  1. I'm glad you got the parcel and the visitors!
    Parcel mailed Mar 2 --rec'd April 12 -- and that was first class air mail! Maybe there is a better address I should have used. Love, M & D M