Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fool's! My face isn't pretty at all.

To enter my school's campus from town you must go through a gate. Every morning the school captains man the gate to frisk arriving students for contraband junk food. Teachers, of course, are greeted warmly and allowed to pass through no questions ask. When I was going through on April 1st, a captain said, "Oh Madam, Madam, your bag is unzipped!" When I bent to investigate she said "April Fools!" and laughed heartily. I was so pleased. I didn't think that the celebration of April Fool's Day would have made it to Bhutan. It turns out it is here, and intensely here! On the other side of the gate an overwhelming barrage of April foolishness awaited me. "Madam, your kera is on backward!" "Madam, you're about to step in stool!" "Madam, there is someone come to see you just over there!" Every five seconds some student told me a plausible fib, shouted "April Fool's!", then collapsed in giggles. It was great.

My favourite thing on April Fool's Day, though, are genuine statements that sound like pranks. The fibs were frequently interspliced with, "Madam, something is wrong with your face!", which was true. I took a bit of a fall the other day in front of the bakery:

Then, in English class, someone whisphered, "Madam, there is a giant rat behind the dust bit." If that doesn't sound like a "Made you look!" prank, I don't know what does. But there she was:

She started running around the classroom. Girls lept on their desks while the boys tried to catch her. One did and we put her outside. It was moust exciting!

Happy April one and all! 


  1. outch that looks bad hope you are ok.
    On the iotjer hand, I would say you had a great/fun start to April
    Love Mom B

  2. Oh my-That is a nasty bruise!!! Sure hope it is healing quickly.
    It is quite a surprise that April Fools Day is celebrated in Bhutan!
    Happy April pretty face! Love, Mom M

  3. That is quite the critter!
    Though I must say, I totally would have thought my pupil was pulling a prank, yelling out 'Rat!'.

  4. The rat incident is shocking enough, but the fact that you took the time to take pictures of it, despite the screaming and chaos that ensued, is really amazing.
    You are like your brother, camera always at the ready!
    Still...eeeewwwww. Mom M

  5. That rat is SOOO CUTE! (I know I'm not on the normal side of things) but I'm glad you had a great April Fools day! Though that bruise looks painful... Miss you lots
    -Brianna B-

  6. The main thing I got from this is that I'm glad girls are still afraid of rats around the world. And that's quite the bruise! I'm sure that "bit of a fall" was rather painful to get that kind of bruise on your jaw! Hope it doesn't hurt anymore.

  7. I'm shocked kicking the rat out just because he wanted was a little different then everyone else. He only wanted to learn yourways so he could take the information back to the rat hi-concil and over through humanity......APRIL FOOLS rats don't want to over through humanity.