Thursday, April 7, 2011

But, Protagoras, can virtue be taught? [This one definitely goes out to Eleanor]

I love coincidence! I'm working my way through a series of fifty audiolectures in philosophy which I listened to a few years ago but I wanted to refresh on. On the very same day that I reached the lecture "Can Virtue be Taught?", I found out that I'm getting a new course in my docket. I will be conducting class five Value Education.

I'm really excited because I have free reign in how I fill the one period per week allocated to the subject. We can do drama. We can read stories. We can play games. We can do art. The only specification is that I explictedly inculcate good human values which build Gross National Happiness. Can virtue be taught? I guess we'll see!

Rather than have an entry with no photos, this is just a snap of my walk home from school.

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  1. You walk home with cows? Wow!
    Love Mom & Dad in Armadillo land.