Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Combining Triangles

There is not much to this entry, just some shots of my class combining pairs of identical triangles and seeing the variety of shapes that can result. (Well, not the whole variety. They did what most people do given this task and always fully lined up congruent sides instead of breaking that non-existant rule and making irregular hexagons.) I'm justifying posting these pictures with the claim that they're beneficial to prospective BCF applicants because they show a typical Bhutanese classroom. I'm really just posting them because my students are so cute when they're learning:

I brought the construction paper from Canada and I'm now officially out. I can't buy more of it in Trashiyangtse but I'm planning another trip down to Kanglung this weekend and I might be able to get some there. The glue I bought here for 20 Nu. per tube (44 cents Canadian) which was me being overcharged. The price printed on them is 5 Nu. (11 cents). No matter how low the price, the problem with "Fox Kidz Synthetic Gum" is that it has the same viscosity as water, which makes it difficult to use judiciously.


  1. ahh construction paper the most usefull tool in the teachers arsinal.

  2. Looks like a great lesson Love Dad M