Thursday, April 14, 2011

Now Druk, you should let everyone have a turn...

It is time once again for your co-curriculars update complete with house standings: 

The calendar of literary activites is in full swing. We recently held the year's first Dzongkha-language storytelling competition (Class VII & VIII) and English-language poetry recital (Class V & VI). The children incorporated so much action into their dramatic readings that the photos were fuzzy! Here, one of my students recites, with homemade wand in hand, "If I were a Fairy with a Magic Wand":

On the athletic front, we're on to volleyball. Did you know that it only takes about ten minutes for sufficiently industrious students to transform a parking lot into a volleyball court?

The trickiest part is moving the motorcycles!

As with football, I was amazed by the students' volleyball skills:

Druk house is currently waaay ahead in the standings:
Druk House: 4 (spelling contest, boy's football, English poetry recital, boy's volleyball)
Tak House: 1 (girl's football)
Chung House: 0 
Seng (Lion) House: 1 (Dzongkha storytelling)

Part of the reason is certainly the male School Captain who is a member of Druk House and an absolutely exceptional athlete. He is the one in the strips about to pop the ball:

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  1. thanks for the update on the houses
    sure is amazing to see how fast the parking lot is transformed into a court and that the bikes are safe
    Mom B