Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sad Tale of Pakora the Cat

This is Pakora the food:

It is made of chopped green onions lathered with a gooey batter and then fried:

This is Pakora the Cat:

I had a LOT of mice eating all of clothes and food so I dreamt of getting a killer kitty to eat them. Then one afternoon, lo and behold, a jili jarim (Dzongkha: handsome cat) just walked through my open door! So I trapped her.

For a day she was a fierce hunter and an adorable roommate. I loved her.

Then she meowed to go out and I decided that she might be someone else's cat so I had to let her go. :(


  1. Only for a day--sad.

  2. Oh I wish you still had a kitty friend! Pakora is adorable and sounds like a good housekeeper. I hope another kitty strolls in someday soon.

    (PS Happy to have you back in my life via the blog).


  3. I posted a comment yesterday... but now it is missing!

    I said how I wished another cat would roam into your house soon! Pakora sounded like the perfect housekeeper.