Friday, October 21, 2011

Around the Solar System in Twelve Hats

Although my official responsibility is the Maths Club I like to sneak over to the Science Club whenever I can. When I recieved by mail the most wonderful birthday gift of Canadian construction paper, my first thought was Solar System Hats for the Science Club! With all the moons as well as all the planets! And they can stand to scale on the assembly ground! And I'll teach them my Solar System song!

This is my favourite hat not only because it looks the coolest but because it demonstrates the planet/dwarf planet distinction. The asteroid Ceres satisfies the definition of a dwarf planet because it orbits the sun and is so large that it has been rounded by its own gravity. It is located in the asteroid belt, though (like Pluto is located in the Kuiper belt), which means it has not cleared its part of space of all objects of similar size and so is not a true planet:

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  1. Wow Wow Wow
    What a fantastic teacher you are!!!