Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blessed Rainy Day

In Bhutan, the official end of the monsoon is celebrated as Blessed Rainy Day. The only responsibility people have on that day is to take a bath to clease the year's sins. The rest of the time is spent picnicing, playing sports, or, if you're this guy, taking the whole family out on the motorcycle:

Whatever one's choice of activity this year, the weather was perfect! There was a little bit of rain but just enough to be auspicious:

My Blessed Rainy Day was made special by the return of many of the BCF visitors who had come over the summer holiday:

They brought with them other falingpa (Sharchop for "foreigners"; the Dzongkha is "chilip") including a powerfully precociously three-year-old:

We went on a hike to the Old Dzong where we watched the monks playing Khuru, Bhutan's favourite multi-hour lawn dart game with elaborate victory dances:

And we saw this awesome spider:


  1. Blessed Rainy Day --I love the concept! Thanksgiving with a hike and a bath.

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