Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Missing 7-C on a Sick Day

I've had a rough bout of dysentery and vomiting the past couple of days so, instead of being at school now, I'm home with the curtains drawn. I'm trying to hide from the vicious sun that is so hateful to those taking ciprofloxacin. I'm guzzling down water containing dissolved Oral Rehydration Salts-- the package says "orange flavoured!" but I assure you there is no fruity yum to it whatsoever. My body is aching and I miss my students. In particular, let me tell you about one class that's been on my feverish mind: 7-C.

At the beginning of the school year when I asked a question in 7-C English a tumbleweed rolled across the room. They were so quiet that I thought we'd never be able to have fun together. Sometime around our debating unit, though, they came alive! There's really no limit to what we can do now.

They recently performed plays based on the short stories in the reader. This is The Dauntless Girl by Kevin Crossley-Holland. Mary, played by the boy with a toego (the jacket component of female national dress) over his gho (male national dress) is so brave that she serves meals to a ghost, played by the boy with his gho over his head.

The group that performed The Cherry Tree by Ruskin Bond went prop crazy! They hauled trees of five different sizes into the classroom to show the growth described in the story. My favourite part was the grandfather and grandson sharing birthday cake:

Dzongkha songs about the Royal Wedding are a dime a dozen but as our contribution to the celebrations, 7-C wrote and performed the only English song I've heard about it:

Jetsun Pema,
Our king loves you,
Jetsun Pema,
So we love you, too.
We sing to the wind,
That is travelling West,
To carry these words,
We are blessed. (Soprano repeat: We are blessed!)

Verse 1:
Your face is our good king's safe haven,
Framed by hair black as a raven,
Pinned with a flower that matches your eyes,
And deeper beauty that never dies.

Verse 2:
As our queen, we know that you,
Will do all that a queen can do,
To bring prosperity and peace,
And development to the farthest East.

Verse 3:
Bhutanese sisters and brothers,
Ask of you, our new mother,
Walk hand in hand with our father king,
And love the children who gladly sing...

And just this past Saturday, it was 7-C's chance to report the news in morning assembly. They prepared throughly, did an awesome job, and had fun doing it. I am incredibly proud of them!


  1. They look like a lovely class-- made better by the greatest teacher ever! Are the class all boys?
    So sorry you are sick--hope the horrible medicine does the trick and makes you very well very soon. Love, Mom & Dad

  2. Sorry that you're sick, Kendra :( I hope the recovery is quick, and you can get back to the clearly talented class that you teach!

  3. Sending you healthy vibes.

  4. I hope you have a swift and lasting recovery!

    I am sure 7-C misses you terribly, too-
    You are the water that allows them to bloom

  5. I am all better now. I would go so far as to use the word "exhuberant".

  6. glad to hear you are better
    take care Brigitte

  7. Exuberance is your trademark. Love you, Mom