Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Week of Recipes

Hey, friends back in Canada, want to get a real feel for our life here? We challenge you to, for one whole week, eat the same suppers we do. These recipes are tried, tested, and TASTY!

Monday: Kanglung Curry
Kanglung Curry is so named because it is my attempt at the amazing meal Natalie made me when I visited her in Kanglung. It is the most Indian meal of the week. Chop up whatever veggies you happen to have on hand (in the case of the photo: cauli, cabbage, and cucumber), boil them in just-enough-water to keep them covered, and throw in spices like cumin and tumeric. Simeotaneously cook up some rice, then mix them together. Make enough to leftovers for lunch the next day. This picture shows the meal in the removable tin bowl part of my awesome thermos:

Tuesday: Kewa Datse (Translation: Kewa = potato, Datse = n' cheese)
We eat this more often than anything else. All you do is set thin potato slices to boil in, again, just enough water to cover them. When they are getting soft, add dice-sized pieces of Amul cheese (the Canadian equivalent would be Mozzarella) to the boiling water. It seems like a lot but the cheese pieces should be equal in volume to the potatoes you used. They are going to melt completely and give you a gooey cheese sauce. Add chopped up herbs, garlic leaves or coriander to your taste, and a couple big pinches of chili powder. Sometimes, though not in the photo example, we put in some "fin" which is a clear, flavourless, spaghetti-shaped noodle just added for texture:

Wednesday: Happy Rice 
You ate all the potato slices yesterday, but there was left-over cheese sauce. Just cook some rice, mix it with the cheese sauce, and draw on a happy face with Maggi brand Hot n' Sweet Tomato and Chili Sauce. Okay, you might not be able to get that in Canada, but it is HEAVEN:

Thursday: Mushroomghetti
Cook spaghetti noodles. Here we use get a product called TransHimalayan Hand Made Noodles which are a little bit thinner and yellowier than Western spaghetti noodles but the result is the same:

The secret is in the sauce, which is water, oil, canned mushrooms, Druk Tomato Paste (which is the national brand ketchup and tastes just like Heinz), and many pieces of Amul cheese. The cheese thickens the sauce and gives it the perfect texture. I love it:

FRYday: Mushroom Datse n' Chips
Time to get fancy and have both burners on the gas stove going at once!

Mushroom datse is exactly the same recipe as kewa datse except the potatoes are musrooms:

For the side dish, slice potatoes as you would for kewa datse, and then start them boiling so that most of the cooking is done grease-free. Fry the results in just a little bit of vegetable oil and make sure to add a bit of sugar. Serve with an equal mix of Druk Tomato Paste and Maggi brand Hot n' Sweet Tomato and Chili Sauce:

Saturday: Far-from-homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup
Okay this one you really can't make until the Maggi company comes to Canada. It is just their chicken soup mix, elbow macaroni, and the ubiquitous Amul cheese:

Sunday: You-Know-Whats
With a six day work week, this is your one day off: so make it a momo day! (Recipe in a previous entry)

Whatever you cook, neighbourhood children will come to your kitchen window and watch, so put on a show! I recommend wearing the fluffy pink Iron Female Rabbit ears you bought for Losar:

Bon Appetit and Tashi Delek!


  1. Wow Wow and double Wow!!!
    We'll try---but it won't be near as fun without children in the window!
    :) Mom M

  2. I like the happy face :) And I LOVE the children in the window, haha!

  3. Mmm! I definitely plan on making Kewa Datse soon! Probably Wendesday instead of Tuesday, though, since I may be meeting Aunt D. for supper while she is town.

  4. Momma: As we have discussed MANY times, the expression is "Wow, Wow, and triple Wow!!!"

  5. Kendra: After learning about your weekly meals, I'd say you've become a vegetarian! :P

  6. Becca: pretty much but there's real chicken bits in the soup mix and we also sometimes buy a canned chicken curry to serve on rice. We may get offered more meat visiting people when this auspicious month is over. The first bit of every year Bhutanese Buddhists try to go all veg. Even when it is up though, there is not a lot of meat in Yangtse.

  7. ok the challenge is accepted not sure how Mims will do it does sounds very delicious

  8. I made the Kewa Datse! Mine looks nothing like the one in your picture (Probably the cheese difference).

    Random question:

    Is the word for "cheese", 'dat'? In Hindi, adding 'se' to the end of a word makes it almost possesive: "dilse" means "from the heart", dil [heart] + se [from]. So maybe, 'datse' means dat [cheese] + se [from].

  9. you will be pleased to know that we do, in fact, have Maggi products in Canada!!

  10. Re: Maggi

    It's sometimes hard to find, but you just need to where to look!!! We use it in Dutch soups all the time (the Maggi "soya sauce")