Tuesday, March 29, 2011

House Standings

As promised, I intend to keep you up to date on my school's four houses as they compete against eachother in athletic and academic competitions...

Druk (Dragon) House is off to an early lead, having placed first in the Spelling Contest, first in the boy's football tournament, and second in the girl's football tournament.

Tak (Tiger) House is a close second. They placed first in the girl's football tournament and second in the boy's football tournament. 

Chung (there isn't any word for it in English: see picture above) House and Seng (Lion) House are currently tied in third. In each football tournament one placed third and the other came last but won "most sportsmanlike".

I have a soft spot in my heart for Seng House because their boys captain is the most diligent in his litter collection duty. I congratulated him once on the huge armful of waste he was bringing to the dustbin. His response was, "Principal Sir says captains should lead by example!"


  1. I'd say Chung is a bird. He has wings, claws, tail feather. And by the fact that he's caught a snake- he'd be a large hunting bird like an eagle or falcon.

  2. The only other word for Chung that I can think of is Garuda, which might be somewhat more familiar to English-speakers.

  3. I would say Chung is more like a falcon
    good luck to all

  4. I am going to go with Garuda, too-
    Their enemies are the Naga, the Snake-People, so it makes sense that the Chung is hunting a snake.