Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Introducing... The Maths Club!

Maths Club has begun. There are six teams, each named for a famous mathematician:

Team Euclid, the Class V girls:

Team Gauss, some of the Class VI girls:

Team Euler, more Class VI girls:

Team Hypatia, the Class VII girls:
(with one Class VI thrown in because we have so many)

Team Ramanujan, the Class VIII girls:

Team Galois, the four boys:

To start off the year, each team was given a coded information sheet about their namesake:

[5 times 5, then minus the sum of 2 and 4] = [25 minus 6] = 19
The 19th letter of the alphabet is "S"
Therefore, the first letter of Ramanujan's first name is "S"

When all of the information was decoded, they made posters with it for display throughout the school:

It was a most successful first day!


  1. Looks like a successful fun day!!!!
    I'm impressed they were able to print off pics of their mathematicians.

    Mom M

  2. what a great way to learn about mathematicians

    mom B

  3. Neat exercise! Decoding is always fun-