Sunday, March 6, 2011

A-W-E-S-O-M-E [This entry goes out to Pratik]

Our school's first inter-house competition for the year was a spelling contest with an incredible amount of variety. I would describe it as a spelling bee, a spelling wasp, a spelling grasshopper, and a spelling umbrella all-in-one.

There were rounds in English and in Dzongka. There were Rapid Fire rounds of incredible pace. There were Meaning rounds in which participants spelled whatever word they reasoned was the best match for a provided definition. There were just-for-fun Anyone can Answer rounds to involve the audience. There was a Read and Remember round in which a representative from each team had one minute to read a particular page from a textbook and another in which to write down as many words from it as she could. And as extra source of variety, five different staff members took turns playing quizmaster. Each brought their own big personality to bear on the contest:

 My favourite thing about the contest, though, was how many spectators brought pen and paper to play along:

When all of the results were tabulated, Druk House won the day! I'll keep a score going through the year so you can root for your favourite house.


  1. remind us again which house is yours? good luck to all

  2. This sounds like something right up your ally there. that or a math and science compatition. lol
    -Love Brianna B