Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teachers' Day

Today I was allowed my first outing since becoming bedridden with typhoid. I witnessed our school's celebration of the greatest holiday ever: Teachers' Day! This picture is a little misleading because I look healthy and full of zest, but it does show the banner nicely as well as my new *real* kira:

To start the day, the teachers went to the shrine in Chorten Cora to light lamps:

Then, we went to the school to see what the students had cooked up, which was cake!

And Dzongkha dances:

And songs:

And cards... this one is not for me. You can tell because it is in Dzongkha.

This one is for me!

And presents! I highly suspect this one of being a pen...

It is! In fact, I recieved ten pens and a beautiful tea cup:

And sandals from the daughter of the Vice Principal who has taken me in for the duration of my illness. In Bhutan, bathrooms are splash-cleaned and everyone wears sandals when using them to avoid wet feet. I didn't have any. These ones are so comfortable!


It was a wonderful day but thoroughly exhausted Sicky McSickerton. This is the view from my recovery room during the afternoon rain in between two very long naps:


  1. Happy Teachers Day best teacher ever! Sure hope you feel well soon. Much more rest and recovery required I know, but you do look lovely in the pic. Take care. Love to you and your wonderful appreciative students. Mom & Dad M

  2. Happy Teachers' Day! It is you who carry the world to the future-

    'Hope your recovery continues and you feel hale again soon

  3. Happy Teacher's Day! Nice to see you up and about. Hope you continue to get better
    take care Mom B

  4. Glad you are feeling better and recovering. Stay well, Bruce and Debbie.