Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still Sick

I am on the Western edge of Eastern Bhutan in the mountainside city of Mongar. It looks like the Caribbean here with tropical flowers and birds and fruits unlike anything in Yangtse. I am convalescing in "The Palace" under the care of BCF'ers Julia and Charlie. They are giving me hearty American comfort food and treating me like a daughter.

There is no point in my returning to Yangtse until I can go the length of a teaching day without sleeping. My chief complaints are a fever, which gets quite high from time to time, aches in the most random places all over my body, digestion trouble, and fatigue. Even small attempts at exercise wear me out completely. My symptoms started with teeth-chattering chills on Easter Monday, April 23, which was the last day that I taught. I was well cared for in Trashiyangtse by my dear vice principal Madam Sonam but decided to undertake the difficult* journey to the Mongar Referral Hospital when I fainted after a none-too-vigourous walk.

My constant thought is of the Class V maths textbook: where we are, where we should be, and where we have to reach for my students to pass to Class VI. There is so little time and I'm wasting it lying in bed in pain in Mongar reading Anna Karenina. The full force of my will can't convince healing to be hurried.

*this is comical understatement


  1. God bless my baby. Sure hope your body is healing and you will soon feel alot better. Unfortunately the return to strength and vitality is usually slow. Keep up your spirits and try not to fret over the math--they are smart kids they may teach one another. Love you. Mom

  2. If you want to know how much of an understatement that journey description is, Check out our blog of getting to Trashigang a mere 16kms away!

  3. Get well soon and be sure you are fully recoved before you go back to teach. You are in my prayers and thughts. Love Dad

  4. get well soon your students are very smart and they will do well for you our prayers are with you Kendra Love Mom B and Co.

  5. Hi Kendra. We are thinking about you. Know that time and rest and no worry are the best cures (other than medicine and good care). Bless you, you are such a smart, plucky girl. Love Aunt Jane

  6. Hope this passes soon,

    Love Bruce and Debbie

  7. Dear Kendra;
    Hope today is a good day and your strength is comming back. Your Mom was here yesterday, it was great to have a visit.
    Improvements are noted all the time in my health. Jim is getting a bit fed up with the housekeeping duties although he dosen't say too much.
    Rest as much as you can and try not to worry about the children they are very resilent?