Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feeling Capital in the Capital

Finally, I am all better! I was very pleased to complete my recuperation in Thimphu at the peaceful home of the BCF's executive director Nancy. Between visits to the National Referral Hospital that culminated in a not-at-all-terrible diagnosis, I read, relaxed, and stocked up for my return to teaching.

Here are three things that made me smile in the big city:
1. Pizza! I had a lovely meal at The Zone today with fellow BCF teachers Sue and Matt:

2. Trinkets that I did not expect to see for sale so far from Canada:

3. The Swiss Clock tower, my favourite haunt from Orientation Week, which I revisited on a walkabout with my new friend Kat:

I feel energetic enough to get back to my students, just in time for the big midterm test. Home Sweet Trashiyangtse, here I come!


  1. Isn't The Zone the coolest place? glad you are finally better. Safe travels.

  2. Mmm, 'zza!
    I am very glad to hear you are feeling better. Have a safe and scenic trip back to Trashiyangtse!

  3. So relieved you are feeling better--but don't overdo it and relapse. Don't fret over missed teaching---remember the calm peace of the country you are in. Happy travelling and regaining of strength and health. Love, Mom & Dad

  4. very happy to hear that you are feeling better but listen to mom(s) take it easy and do not over do it full recovery is first
    safe travels Love Mom B.

  5. Huzzah! And pizza! Lots of double Zed words!

    (That's just about all of them, now that I think about it...)

  6. Great news you are improving, please take it easy and don't rush back to school. be sure tolet your resistance build. lol germaine

  7. Who would have thought that the best piza would not be in italy.

  8. where have you been? are you okay? your fans and blog followers in Palestine are so curious and starting to get worried. is everything okay?
    I am a fellow english teacher and I have enjoyed reading your blog since its conception.

  9. Hi Kendra;
    Hope things are going well and you are being good to yourself. Happy Canada Day!
    lol Germaine.

  10. To Maggie and Germaine and others anxious to hear more on this blog--Unfortunately Kendra's computer is broken, and it is a difficult thing to replace. She's trying.

  11. Friday--October 21, 2011
    this note from Kendra

    I HAVE THE INTERNET!!! After so many months without, it merits allcaps. Expect a dozen blog entries in the next few hours.