Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Perfect Picnic and a Polka-dot Pig

I absolutely love being a teacher but there might be one thing I love more: not being the teacher. I love that because the school year has finished for my Class V's I can kick back and relax with them, free of the fear that excess chumminess will undermine my classroom management. I am done being an authority figure. Now I just get to be me:

Today a dozen of my ducklings and I went for a picnic.

They chose the most lovely spot near town that I'd never been: Army Camp.

It is kinda like the PMQ's at CFB Greenwood except with communal outdoor toilets, horses, and an archery range:

One of my students who lives at Army Camp introduced me to her mother, who was weaving a kira:

The girls played with their Barbies (whose hair and clothes they'd sewn themselves) and they taught me how to play "burs." It is a simple game; you toss burs at your friend's clothes and laugh when they adhere.

Meanwhile, the boys took photos of eachother doing various tricks and played on a rusty bicycle with no breaks or tires.

And, like at all Bhutanese picnics, everyone consumed an insane volume of food and then worked it off with football.

On the 2 km walk back to town, we stopped by the local pig pens.

Did you know that a sow can stand on her hind legs to look over a fence? She can!

We then ran into a schoolmate carrying a fuzzy tail pelt which we tried on in various ways:

I know some of my readers are anti-fur but have you ever worn a critter boa? It feels wonderful.

We then took a detour down to the river to skip stones:

You also have to pick up a stone to offer at an indented rock where, according to local legend, Lord Buddha meditated after defeating a demon.

It was an amazing day in an amazing place!

And now... my first successfully uploaded video! Look for the tail.


  1. Looks like you had a fun day,the children are going to miss you among them.
    Ihad a great time visiting your parents and going to an amazing concert at St. FX, The music was out of this world. germaine

  2. It certainly looks like it was a fantastic day!
    Burs looks nifty- Like Fallball on a Human court!

    There is a guy in my programme at school who wears a coontail, and I saw someone else with one on the bus; apparently they are making a comeback?

  3. you had a amazing days, every looks so happy

  4. Looks like a fun day! The first picture of you and the boys is really cute :) If you're able, definitely put up more videos, it was really neat to see!

  5. I love this blog entry not only because you look so happy but also because the pictures are so varied and so beautiful. You, the children, the adults, the animals and the scenery are intriquing. And to see video! Wow!
    Love, Mom

  6. The barbie outfit is awesome. Cool to see that the basic principles of a picnic (food and fun) were adhered to even on the other side of the world.