Friday, November 11, 2011

Folks from Down Home

Winter has come to Yangtse. The mountains have turned from stone to snow:

And the black-necked cranes are returning...

Yesterday, Madam Sonam and I were circumnavigating Chorten Cora. On the first time around, I noticed some Western tourists on the far side. On the second time around, I considered talking to them. On the third time, I did.

They were a birder couple from Ohio come to town with a world crane expert.

Me: I'm Canadian.

Them: We have three Nova Scotian birders in our group.

Me: I'm Nova Scotian!

Them: Two of them are from Bedford.


I followed them back to their hotel and, sure enough, there were genuine Bedfordians, including the mother of a guy I knew in high school. It's a small world after all!

They and their ornithological companions treated me to a sumptuous supper and gave me granola bars, fruit flats, oatmeal, and a book to read. And I thought circumnavigating the chorten was supposed to be a long-term investment in accumulating good karma!


  1. Wow, that's pretty incredible, Kendra! And here I thought it was crazy how many Capers I've run into here in Ottawa! Bedfordites in Bhutan is an entirely more rare experience, I'm sure!

  2. That was certainly unexpected! And amazing!

  3. Incredible how a world of 7 billion people can still feel small.

    Question: how are tourists allowed in Bhutan?

  4. Hi Kendra, Did you get word that two of us Nova Scotians also ran into a student of your friend Sarah when we went on to Mongar?

    Us: We are from Canada.
    Him: you know Madam Sarah.
    Cathy: Well we met Madam Sarah;s friend Kendra in Trashi Yangtse!

    It was so nice to meet you and hope the rest of your term goes really well! We are having a great time and are at Jakar / Bumthang tonight.

    Ruth and Cathy

  5. Ooops...I mean your friend JULIA not Sarah!


  6. I hope the children remembered to tell your friend. I had them practice saying your name so they would not forget.
    I hope the next month in Bhutan goes well and you make it safely home for Christmas. We were delighted to meet you.
    Cathy MacDonald - fellow Bedfordite on the move in Bhutan